I’ve found a financial aid LOOPHOLE!!

Financial aid has been an enemy of mine since I started college. But, as of Friday I will finally have control in this little game we’ve been playing for so long.

As a (wannabe) post-bac pre-med, I have ran out of undergrad aid to pay for pre-reqs. Without going into detail (because I’m afraid of “The People” finding out and stripping me of my power), let’s just say that there is a way to use Graduate level financial aid to pay for my necessary undergraduate classes!

I’m beyond excited right now. Besides “wasting” this semester (not really, since without it I wouldn’t have found the loophole), I am so ready to get back– and STAY– on track!!

For those of you who were/ are in my position of not being able to use fin aid because you’re in a DIY post-bacc, believe me… THERE is a way!

*Cheers to being innovative and thinking outside of the box!*

If you want to know the details, just leave a comment below using an actual account where you can be contacted. No Anons please!

– Elizabeth


About elizabeth018

I am a 23 year old in the last year of my BA degree program. Unsupectantly, I was bitten by the med school bug. Now, I am starting my path to get into a medical school. Let's see how this goes... My navigation system says: Unrelated BA >> PostBac >> Medical School >> MD! :-) View all posts by elizabeth018

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