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I am a 23 year old in the last year of my BA degree program. Unsupectantly, I was bitten by the med school bug. Now, I am starting my path to get into a medical school. Let's see how this goes... My navigation system says: Unrelated BA >> PostBac >> Medical School >> MD! :-)

What am I even doing?!?!?

So we are in finals block. Oh. Emm. Gee. I’m only in the second semester of General chemistry and biology, yet I’m studying like a crazy person.

I take that back.

I’m studying like a person who has to teach herself material.

Our bio professor felt the need to test us on a different textbook and on material not covered in lecture or the PowerPoint slides.
Yes. We had snow days. But we had too many to try and cover everything on the syllabus. It was- and still is- impossible.

Nope. I don’t know anything about fungi and I don’t plan to learn it in the next 2 days.

When it comes to chemistry, I’ve never been the brightest rock of the bunch. But now?!? No. I just can’t. This professor has confused me way past the point of giving up. I can’t even tell you what topics we’ve covered this semester.


I’m going to go read my textbooks cover to cover now and we’ll see what happens in the next two weeks.

Yay…. I’m pre-med. What did I sign up for?


The day before my second pre- med semester…

I’m thinking about school supplies!! Notebooks, pens, scantrons, a new book bag! Exciting!

I will be that mom who goes all out when her babies start school…

I’m just happy to be back on the correct train. Let’s see how the Bio2 and Chem2 stop treats me.

Happy Sunday!

B.O.S.S. eMag is seeking Journalism majors!

If you are a Journalism major and would like to intern for us, send an email of inquiry to

Please include your name, current status in school, and a writing sample (preferably an interview or article).

Looking forward to hearing from you!!


I am beyond over this semester. Honestly, I think I am just Burnt out and ready for spring term so I can (Finally) continue with my pre-reqs.

What are some ways you deal with burnout?


Why don’t all universities within a certain radius of a med school/ teaching hospital have post-bacc programs?

Why are they so far and in-between?

Just wondering…

I’ve found a financial aid LOOPHOLE!!

Financial aid has been an enemy of mine since I started college. But, as of Friday I will finally have control in this little game we’ve been playing for so long.

As a (wannabe) post-bac pre-med, I have ran out of undergrad aid to pay for pre-reqs. Without going into detail (because I’m afraid of “The People” finding out and stripping me of my power), let’s just say that there is a way to use Graduate level financial aid to pay for my necessary undergraduate classes!

I’m beyond excited right now. Besides “wasting” this semester (not really, since without it I wouldn’t have found the loophole), I am so ready to get back– and STAY– on track!!

For those of you who were/ are in my position of not being able to use fin aid because you’re in a DIY post-bacc, believe me… THERE is a way!

*Cheers to being innovative and thinking outside of the box!*

If you want to know the details, just leave a comment below using an actual account where you can be contacted. No Anons please!

– Elizabeth

My best friend is 75% Physician

my best friend is in her 3rd year of medical school. Today is her first day wearing scrubs with her white coat. The icing on the cake is the stethoscope around her neck and the smile on her face.

I am probably way more suped than she is right now.

I am beyond pround of my BFF of over a decade and some change. She’s only ONE year away from being a freaking DOCTOR. a PHYSICIAN. She’s definitely my inspiration for choosing to pursue medicine after many many years of denying my interests in it.

You better go girl and kill ’em on those wards! (Figuratively of course. We save lives out here son!)