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My best friend is 75% Physician

my best friend is in her 3rd year of medical school. Today is her first day wearing scrubs with her white coat. The icing on the cake is the stethoscope around her neck and the smile on her face.

I am probably way more suped than she is right now.

I am beyond pround of my BFF of over a decade and some change. She’s only ONE year away from being a freaking DOCTOR. a PHYSICIAN. She’s definitely my inspiration for choosing to pursue medicine after many many years of denying my interests in it.

You better go girl and kill ’em on those wards! (Figuratively of course. We save lives out here son!)


I’m officially in my “wandering” stage

Yes. It is true. I am officially a wanderer. While I have been accepted to 3 postbac premed programs, I have been unable to attend because of money. Now, with at least a year off before I may be able to get the funds for school, I literally, have nothing to do. I definitely need a job to save up to pay for school next year, but it’s been a HARD search because I have no idea what type of job to apply to (outside of something relating to the medical field). I am looking into finding doctors in my area to shadow, so I’ll have one day a week occupied.

But, for now, I am a floundering fish.

Do you have any tips on how I can go about finding doctors to shadow since I don’t have my own MD here? Also, what is a good length of time to shadow in a day?

Volunteering may not be a good option for me because I need to get a physical to volunteer and because I have no doctor, no insurance, and no money to pay, it’s almost impossible to get a physical done… I’ll still look into it though.

Let’s see how this goes….

It’s so hard!

I emailed my advisor about my incomplete schedule he said would be posted three weeks ago on Wednesday.

No response.

No reply.

No update to schedule online.

I also emailed the financial aid office about any updates to my aid since i submitted my necessary documents two weeks ago and was told i would hear something back in two weeks.

No response.

No reply.

No update to aid info online.

This looks like it’s going to be a hard, long year.

Guess Who’s a Graduate Now…!

It is official! I have finally graduated from undergrad!!! Whhoooooo! I’m super excited to have completed this phase of my life. We just have to see where all of this leads as I patiently wait for a response from postbac programs.

*sidenote* why is it taking THIS long for them to review my application??? I digress.

Well here is a pic of me as we waited to walk out. Official graduate!!!!


PS. What happens now???
-Elizabeth, BA Organizational Leadership