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My best friend is 75% Physician

my best friend is in her 3rd year of medical school. Today is her first day wearing scrubs with her white coat. The icing on the cake is the stethoscope around her neck and the smile on her face.

I am probably way more suped than she is right now.

I am beyond pround of my BFF of over a decade and some change. She’s only ONE year away from being a freaking DOCTOR. a PHYSICIAN. She’s definitely my inspiration for choosing to pursue medicine after many many years of denying my interests in it.

You better go girl and kill ’em on those wards! (Figuratively of course. We save lives out here son!)


How I am spending my Sunday…

I’m in Barnes and Noble getting in some leisurely reading.

Med School Confidential by Robert H. Miller and Daniel M. Bissell, M.D.

MSAR: Getting Started – Medical School Admission Requirements from Association of American Medical Colleges